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Hello and welcome. Here at Vbase we manage the venues where life’s great moments happen – the places where concert-goers dance and businesses celebrate; where products are launched, anniversaries are marked and feasts are enjoyed.

With our diverse event solutions and venues, it’s fair to say you’re in good hands.


So you’re hosting a cocktail party/expo/dinner/wedding/annual air guitar contest. When you’re tasked with event planning there is a serious amount of decision making involved. What to eat, what to drink, who to invite, how to decorate, most importantly where are you going to have it?!

To help you out, we’ve put together some food for thought when it comes to choosing a venue.

Save the date

It may be obvious, but before you fall in love with a venue, check that it's available on the dates and times you require. Make sure you also have a look at your calendar for significant events around the same time.  Find out if the venue has a pencil booking arrangement so you can secure your date before you know finer details.

Know your budget

When it comes to event planning, make sure you do your maths. The venues price tag must fit within your event budget. It’s important to remember that different venues have different costs involved. Before you commit to a venue, ensure you know all the inclusions. Some venues may be cheaper to hire, but may not include everything you require. Just be wary that hiring all the extras can work out more costly in the long run!


If we can learn anything from the tale of Goldilocks, it is the importance of getting things 'just right'.  When booking a venue, consider your expected numbers. Choosing a venue that is too big could give off the impression that the event is a flop, whereas choosing a venue that is too small may make it uncomfortable for your attendees. Venues also have fire and safety codes that they are required to abide by affecting capacity. Make sure you talk to the Venue Manager about getting a space just right for your event.


Ask if the venue has seating plans or a gallery of images from past events. These will help you visualise your event in the space and ensure the format will match your expectation. We know how easy it is to get caught up in big ideas of grandeur when organising an event. If you are looking to do something a bit out of the ordinary, just keep in mind that sometimes things just don't work.


As the saying goes "good food, good mood." Feeding the masses is a crucial element of your event you want to get right. Make sure you know about your desired venues catering policy and ensure it will match your vision. Some venues it's 'BYO caterer,' others have a preferred cater, and for some, catering is venue exclusive ruling out the possibility of getting the latest food truck to cater your event.

By no means is this an exhausted list. If you are after an event space and need some help, get in touch with one of our Business Development managers. They know our venue portfolio inside and out!

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