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Hello and welcome. Here at Vbase we manage the venues where life’s great moments happen – the places where concert-goers dance and businesses celebrate; where products are launched, anniversaries are marked and feasts are enjoyed.

With our diverse event solutions and venues, it’s fair to say you’re in good hands.


Rethink your seating

Just because you’ve always sat on black meeting chairs, does this mean black meeting chairs are the best chair for the job? What about Stability balls as an alternative? Beanbags? Why not ditch the chairs altogether and have a standing meeting?


There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get people energized. Games are fun, exciting, and help people get their creative juices flowing.  Tap in into everyone’s inner child with games during your meetings to increase team bonding and the overall energy in the room.

Up your snack game

Why stick to the same old tea, coffee, and biscuits at your tea breaks? We had a fun idea at the CINZ conference to serve customised fortune cookies.  Cracking the cookie open to discover a unique fortune acted as a great ice breaker to get attendees interacting with one another.

Colouring in corner

The popularity adults colouring books erupted in the last year. Colouring has been a proven way to boost creativity, memory, lower stress and improve engagement. Why not embrace those meeting doodlers and have coloured pencils and colouring sheets on the table and let the rest take care of itself.


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Horncastle Arena Meeting Space

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Try not to smile thinking about about what\'s hiding under your shoes!

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Make Life More Eventful Tip #7

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It will make their day and you their favourite person!

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