A mantra around BNZ Crusaders HQ is that every player has a role to play to deliver the planned outcome for the team. Teamwork is crucial and ultimately leads to a far better outcome than if individuals are working alone.

This mantra and mindset has now been matched off the field; the BNZ Crusaders have teamed up with Monteith’s Brewing Company, Total Waste Solutions, Vbase and Globelet to deliver an initiative that will result in 90,000 single-use cups being removed from landfill this season.

The introduction of the Globelet reusable cup will be launched this Saturday evening when the BNZ Crusaders play the Chiefs at Christchurch Stadium, and without the support of Monteith’s Brewing Company, Total Waste Solutions and Vbase it would have been much harder to get the cups ‘across the line’.

BNZ Crusaders Chief Executive Colin Mansbridge said the overarching objective of the Globelet reusable cup is to help reduce our collective footprint around landfill waste, and it was remarkable to see the support and approach from these three companies to achieve this for the rest of our home games this season.

“We are incredibly fortunate to work alongside organisations that share a passion for our environment and sustainability initiatives in our community.

“We’re grateful to our commercial partners in Monteith's and Total Waste Solutions, as well as venue operators, Vbase, for recognising the importance of a united approach to sustainability, and we look forward to working with our fans to make a difference at the remainder of our home games in 2019,” Mr Mansbridge said. 

Each customer who purchases a cold Monteith’s beer or cider at this week’s game will be asked for an upfront $1 deposit, and this is returned to the customer at the end of the night when they return their cup. If they head back to the bar to purchase another beer at the game, they just swap their cup at no additional cost.

DB Breweries Marketing Director, Sean O’Donnell, was fully supportive of the use of the reusable cups and said working alongside the BNZ Crusaders, Total Waste Solutions and Vbase to ensure a seamless experience for fans was important.

“We are 100% committed to finding more sustainable solutions, and think Crusaders fans will get behind this initiative for such a worthy cause – the environment. The good news is the price of a beer or cider at each game will not increase, which is a real win-win for all involved.”

Total Waste Solutions Director, Rob East, was thrilled with the opportunity to be involved in supporting the Globelet reusable cups at Crusaders games, as his business is built on eliminating landfill waste.

“We were so excited when this opportunity came up, as our whole business model is creating waste solutions that are sustainable or move waste into recycling, in place of landfill. This is a perfect example of this model and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

Vbase General Manager, Chris Mintern, commented that reusable cups have been introduced at other Vbase events  and the results are remarkable, with a noticeable reduction in all rubbish around the events.

"Vbase have been using Globelet cups at Hagley Oval for BLACKCAPS international fixtures for the last two seasons. They have proved to be very beneficial in raising public awareness about minimising waste and we have found that overall waste after each game has reduced by approximately fifteen percent." 

The Globelet reusable beer and cider cups will be in place from this Saturday 9 March at Christchurch Stadium and will be used for the remainder of the season, including potential playoffs. Each customer will be asked for a $1 deposit with their first purchase, and this will be returned at the end of the night when fans leave the stadium. A special deposit location will be set up for fans, so the return of cups is as seamless as possible.