Tickets for the Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert on February 21 open through Ticketek this Friday, with pre-ticket sales opening for Frontier Touringmembers at noon today.Vbase, who secured the event for Christchurch, wants to make sure people avoid disappointment and purchase their tickets through the only official ticket providers.Early last week Australian media outlets once again highlighted the problem ticket re-sales are causing the entertainment industry. Michael Gudinksi of Frontier Touring, who visited Christchurch to announce the New Zealand and Australia Tour of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band last week, spoke out about scalpers who are buying bulk tickets on an ‘industrial scale’ and reselling them at increased prices.

Re-sales typically take place after ‘official tickets’ have sold out, however many ticket buyers unwittingly purchase resale tickets (at a hiked price) even when authentic tickets are still available through the official ticket provider.

Vbase General Manager, Darren Burden said he did not want to see the public being misled and buying tickets at inflated prices for the Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band concert in Christchurch this summer.

“Our team have worked really hard to secure this event for the people of Christchurch and the wider South Island, and we want to make sure the public are paying the right prices for their tickets.  Buying tickets for the Christchurch show from sources other than Ticketek would put people at risk of ending up with tickets that may not be genuine,’’ Mr Burden said