Health & Safety at your event

The information below is here to assist with ensuring that a disciplined and systematic approach is taken towards making sure everyone involved with Vbase has a great and safe time. 

Every event is different from the next so when it comes to dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s for Health & Safety at your event, your Event Coordinator will let you know what they require from you.


Here are some handy documents we have put together…

This document outlines all the bits and pieces you need to know when it comes to holding an event at Vbase

pdfSmart Summary.pdf


Most events are required to complete our Health & Safety checklist which asks all the key questions you need to think about when it comes to Health & Safety for your event. This checklist is designed to form the framework for the Site Specific Safety Plan for your event which you will need to send us two weeks prior to your event.

pdfYour Event Checklist.pdf


Before you can start setting up your event you will need to complete an on-site induction which includes acknowledging our House Rules. Your Event Coordinator will let you know which one applies to your event.

pdfLarge Event House Rules.pdf