At Vbase we host the great highlights of life.

Our venues and our people are the foundation that sets us apart. Every day we deliver amazing experiences through venue management, event management and retail hospitality solutions across our diverse venue portfolio - Horncastle Arena, Orangetheory Stadium, Air Force Museum, Christchurch Town Hall and Hagley Oval Pavilion. 

We take the Health & Safety of everyone in our venues seriously and why wouldn't we. Vbase is committed to maintaining a proactive healthy and safe working environment for all employees, external contracts, clients and guests - we all play an active part.

The Vbase sponsorship portfolio allows us to actively demonstrate our commitment to the local community via Vbase venues and event management. Our commitments cover a range of charitable and not-for-profit sectors including, but not limited to health, children, business and sport.

We understand everyones needs are different, whether you're after cafe opening hours or you want to know if you can bring your umbrella to the rugby. If we can't answer it here just let us know and we'll get back to you.

At Vbase we host the great highlights of life. Our hard work and passion becomes the great moments and memories people hold on to and cherish.

We employ over 65 full and part time staff and hundreds of casual staff in support of the Vbase business. On any given day more than 500 staff can be deployed over a diverse range of events across our five venues.

Our business is full-on and forever changing. Click below to keep up to date with all the latest news.